Original Vintage Factory/Industrial/Workshop Hazardous Location Fluorescent Lamp




This lamp type from the legendary East German manufacturer EOW was used as lighting in potentially explosive areas, in mining, the military or also in depots of the Deutsche Reichsbahn and is correspondingly extremely robustly constructed. The discrete charm of heavy industry is not only evident in the large form but also in every detail. The materials used show no defects even after decades. The lamp can be used in many ways, e.g. in clubs or restaurants, in function rooms, workshops, loft etc..

Made of heavy sheet steel with safety glass, the lamp is virtually indestructible. It houses three 36-Watt fluorescent tubes which provide bright, even lighting. There are two eyelets on the upper part of the unit for hanging and the cable glands are located on the top as well. 

During refurbishment, the luminary is dismantled into individual parts, thoroughly cleaned, refurbished and professionally painted.  




  • Material: sheet steel, protective glass
  • Color: The tone of each lamp can be changed using the RAL color system and can be selected individually.
  • Dimensions: 
  • Length 141 cm / 4 ft 6 in
  • Width 41 cm /16.1 in
  • Height 21 cm / 8.3 in
  • Weight: ATTENTION! approx. 25 kg / 55.1 lbs
  • Electrics: ballasts (EVG) and cables are renewed. 
  • Illumination: Standard fluorescent or LED tubes
  • Power requirements: 220 Volts at 50 Herz
  •  Manufacturer: VEB Elektroinstallation Oberweimar (EOW, 1907-1992)




  • The lamp pictured serves as a template and an identical lamp in a similar state will be delivered.
  • The lamp may vary slightly from the picture.
  • A conversion to modern LED technology is possible. 
  • The lamp conforms to the electrical standards for Europe.
  • Several lamps of this type are available.
  •  Processing time is approx. 20 days.
  • Light sources (fluorescent tubes) are not included in the offer.
  • No liability is assumed for the electrics.
  • According to § 25a of the German Sales Tax Act (UStG), no statement of the sales tax.


Drehschalter schwarz Bakelit Aufputz Antik

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