Vintage factory lamp for a single light tube


Historical workshop lamp for a single tube á 120 cm. The light tube is held by bakelite sockets and protected by a tube made of special glass. This lamp was produced in the 50s in the East of Germany.


Available with pendulum or with chain suspension, metal brushed and matt polished, or repainted in original olive green (see photos).


LBL Fabrikleuchte 1R

700,00 €

  • 3 kg
  • verfügbar
  • Bearbeitungszeit: 20 Werktage1




During restoration, the lamps are disassembled into individual parts, cleaned and tested for function. Old paint residues were removed, missing parts replaced. The metal parts are then brushed and polished to a matte finish. The electrical system is completely renewed. A conversion to contemporary LED tubes we make on request at no extra charge.
These lamps were used to light workshops, offices and functional rooms. The central body for the ballast is made of die-cast aluminum. The robust construction and solid materials testify to the high esteem in which electric lighting was held at that time. Accordingly, the materials used prove to be resistant and durable. The large number of individual parts, their simple assembly and disassembly originate from a production method that is rarely practiced today.






  • Material: aluminum, steel, borosilicate glass, bakelite
  • Length. approx. 130 cm
  • Weight: approx. 5 kg
  • Illuminant: Standard fluorescent tubes, T8, 36 watt, 120 cm, or LED tubes
  • Style: German industrial design
  • Manufacturer: VEB Leuchtenbau Leipzig (LBL), formerly KANDEM, Germany






  • No display of value added tax according to § 25a UStG (differential taxation)
  • Processing time approx. 15 working days
  • Important: Function tested, but should be checked by a professional before use.
  • Illuminant is not included in the offer, but can be supplied after consultation.