Vintage factory lamp for two tubes


A historical factory lamp for two free-radiating tubes. Equipped with LED tubes on request. This is a model produced in the fifties and sixties of the 20th century by the manufacturer "Leuchtenbau Leipzig" (LBL) in Germany. With these lamps were illuminated workplaces in workshops, offices and functional rooms.

Drehschalter schwarz Bakelit Aufputz Antik

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  • 8 kg
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The materials of this lamp are robust and durable. The lamp is equipped with Bakelite sockets and glass tubes that protect the fluorescent tubes. The central die-cast aluminum body housed the ballast. The lamps are in a good state of preservation and are restored in our workshop according to the material and completed with original parts. For this purpose, they are disassembled into individual parts, inspected and cleaned. The electrical system has been renewed. A conversion to modern LED tubes is possible on request without extra charge. Suspension is from the junction box at the top of the tubular steel pendulum. The pendulum can be shortened or lengthened to desired length.



  • Condition: restored original, tested, electrics renewed
  • Material: aluminum, steel, glass, bakelite
  • Color: olive green
  • Pendulum: length can be adjusted on request
  • Glass tubes: borosilicate glass, resistant to temperature changes
  • Dimensions: length 125 cm, pendulum ca. 80 cm, can be shortened to any length
  • Weight: approx. 8 kg
  • Style: German industrial design
  • Illuminant: fluorescent tubes or LED tubes
  • Base: T8, G13
  • Manufacturer: VEB Leuchtenbau Leipzig (LBL), Germany






  • According to § 25a of the sales tax law (UStG) no display of sales tax (differential taxation)
  • The processing time is 15 working days.
  • The lamp may differ slightly from the picture.
  • If delivered with ballast: Please note that the ballast is designed for the European current standard of 50 Herz at 220 volts.
  • Fluorescent tubes/LEDs are not included in this offer, but can be supplied upon request.