Vintage Industrial SLF, 3-Way Junction Box Polished Aluminum Surface-Mounted with a High Gloss Polish



This vintage 3-way aluminum junction box mounts easily to any wall or ceiling. The cap proudly displays the TGL (Technischen Normen, Gütevorschriften und Lieferbedingungen) number and other technical information. TGL was the ISO standards institute of the former German Democratic Republic from 1955 - 1990. The internal branch insert is made of Bakelite. This highly polished junction box accents any living or workspace and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This box has three leads which can be closed off with seals and caps. The cap screws off to access the internal wiring junction. On the outside of the housing are two screw mounting points. 

Every part has been inspected, cleaned and checked and polished and is in excellent condition. The housing can also be connected to ground. 



  • Material: aluminum, Bakelite
  • Protection class: IP 55
  • Voltage: 380 V
  • Clamps/Poles: 3-poles + E, 2.5 qmm
  • External diameter: 76 mm / 3 in
  • Weight: 440 g / 15.5 oz
  • Cable gland: aluminum, 3 x PG 13.5 or PG 16 (depending on availability)
  • Manufacturer: VEB Schiffsarmaturen und Spezialleuchtenbau Finow (SLF)
  • Made in the German Democratic Republic



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